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OFP Financial Partners, LLC (OFP) was founded by Mort Sterling Neblett in 2002. He  operates the company from an office in Wilmington, North Carolina located on  historic  Hewlett`s Creek. Mr. Neblett was born in Wilmington, North Carolina and was educated in Public  and Private schools in the state of North Carolina. In January of 1963, he graduated from the  University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill. After active duty in the North Carolina National Guard,  16th Special Forces, he received an honorable discharge from the Armed Forces of the United  States. In 1966 Mr. Neblett and his wife Judy, decided to work their way around the world,  taking two years or so to complete the trip. Beginning in the Philippines, they travelled to Japan  for a week, stopping in five other countries in Southeast Asia and on to Melbourne, Australia. In  Melbourne, they both worked and travelled the country for two years. Leaving Melbourne in  1968, they travelled back to America through Indonesia and Singapore, stopping in India, and  going west to the Middle East, spending a week in Beirut, Lebanon, and time in Europe. Arriving  in New York, they completed what Mort and Judy describe as a “chance of a lifetime trip”. They  were still in their twenties. During that same year they spent the Christmas holidays in Rome,  Italy and New Year`s in Cairo, Egypt. Leaving Egypt, they flew to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia through  the Sudan and on to Kenya and Tanzania for an African Safari. A fellow traveler in Africa  persuaded Mort to visit a stock brokerage firm in New York upon his return. The firm was F I  DuPont & Co. and the introduction was to Mr. Edmund DuPont who was managing the firm at that time.   In 1969, Mr. Neblett joined F. I. DuPont & Co, a New York Stock Exchange Member Firm.  Mr. Neblett was elected President of the training class of seventy two. After completing his  training and exams and becoming certified to trade in commodities, he and Judy moved to  Atlanta, Georgia. In 1973, Mort joined Robinson-Humphrey & Co. as a co-partner in the  International Department. For the next twenty plus years at R-H, his travel exceeded one  hundred fifty business and pleasure trips abroad, coupled with extensive domestic travel. During  his business career at R-H, Mr. Neblett was mostly responsible for investing, on behalf of his  firm`s clients, parts of large investment portfolios. The firm`s clients were diversifying and  expanding their investments in the Southeastern region of America. These investments were  across many asset categories, and included common stocks, real estate, unquoted investments,  and convertible securities. These were asset categories of interest to the firm`s clients which  included Scottish Investment Trusts, English Merchant Banks, Pension Funds, Insurance  Companies, etc. While at Robinson-Humphrey, Mr Neblett was a Managing Director and member of the  Board of Directors of the firm. He was an Allied Member of the New York Stock Exchange as was  his partner, John Lowenberg. Each of them was therefore qualified to vote the NYSE seats owned  by Robinson-Humphrey. He co-managed the International Business of R-H with John Lowenberg,  served on the firm`s Commitment Committee and its Investment Policy Committee. He also  started Mid-East American, Inc., (MEA), a joint venture with William Kent & Co. in Greenwich,  Connecticut. William Kent & Co had offices throughout the Middle East and North Africa and  maintained a residence in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia . The business of MEA was to sell or distribute  products and services of the investment banking clients of Robinson-Humphrey through the  agent companies of William Kent & Co. These agent companies were typically owned by the  leading merchant families of the region. Mid-East American succeeded in selling crop dusting air  planes in North Africa, chocolate flavored drinks in Egypt, and a variety of other products and  services.      Anxious to return to North Carolina in 1992, Mr. Neblett retired from R-H and joined  Morgan Keegan & Co (M-K), a New York Stock Exchange Member Firm based in Memphis,  Tennessee. Mr. Neblett and Allen Morgan, founder of M-K), were friends, years before, at the  University of North Carolina. At Morgan Keegan & Co., Mr. Neblett was a Managing Director and  Senior Investment Banker. While at Morgan Keegan he and his local partner, Frances Goodman,  helped with the firm`s entry into the Carolinas and negotiated the purchase of J Lee Peeler &  Co in Durham, North Carolina. The Peeler firm was a municipal bond and brokerage firm and  Bond Counsel to the University of North Carolina based in Durham, North Carolina. He also  helped start M-K`s first Early Stage Fund and served on its Investment Policy Committee. During  that time, he was responsible for the sale of Park Meridian Bank in Charlotte, North Carolina to  Regions Financial Bank in Birmingham, Alabama. Over the years Mr. Neblett has been a founding shareholder of three banks, including  Adam & Co in Edinburgh, Scotland. He founded and operated the Chattahoochee Cattle Company  in Franklin, Georgia, raising beef cattle and coastal Bermuda hay for animal feed. He has been a  limited partner of five venture capital partnerships in the United States. Mr. Neblett has served  on a variety of public and private boards including Habersham Energy in Denver, Colorado and a  regional public community bank.  On the public/private side, Mr. Neblett has served on the  Board of Visitors of The University of North Carolina/Wilmington, The Cameron Business School  Advisory Board of The University of North Carolina/Wilmington, and he is a founder of the  UNC/W International Cabinet Foundation. He is a member of IMAF Cape Fear LLC., an Inception  Micro Angel Fund. His experience has also included board memberships of The Wilmington  Housing Authority, The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, and The Cameron Art Museum. While living in Atlanta, he served as a Board Member of The Southern Center of International Studies  meeting many world leaders and travelling several times to NATO headquarters in Belgium and  to other meetings in Europe and elsewhere. In Atlanta he was honored with gubernatorial  appointments to sit on the Board of The Georgia World Congress Center and The Atlanta  Committee for the Atlanta Olympic Games Board.  Mr. Neblett is married to Judith Mary Deopp from West Chester,Pa. They have two sons,  both of whom reside in Wilmington, North Carolina. His personal interests include golf, fishing,  and hunting. He is an avid surf fisherman spending parts of the Spring and Fall on the Outer  Banks of North Carolina deep sea fishing and surf fishing. Mr Neblett has spent over thirty years  researching his family`s history in America. An early American ancestor, John Neblett who was  born in Gloucestershire, England in 1635 came to Virginia as a young man. The earliest Neblett  in Virginia came in  1613. Many Neblett generations have followed.  Of special interests to Mort are his ancestors, Capt. Sterling Neblett, born in 1753 and his son,  Dr. Sterling Neblett, born 1792. Both were planters and their historic plantation homes are still  occupied. Capt. Sterling Neblett lived at Woodland, a plantation where he supervised the  construction of Woodland, the home. Dr. Sterling Neblett, son of Capt. Sterling Neblett, built  the home Brickland for his plantation. Brickland is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The home was started in 1818 with the final section completed in 1822. Sterling Neblett II  studied medicine in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. He was a member of the Virginia  Legislature, serving in the House of Delegates. Seven of his sons were in the Confederate Army.           
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