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Mort S. Neblett, Member/Manager

Mort@ofpfinancialpartners.com 910-262-1089

OFP Financial Partners, LLC

OFP is a member managed LLC, and is registered with the office of the Secretary of State in Raleigh, North Carolina. The LLC is managed by Mort S. Neblett and is located in the historic city of Wilmington, North Carolina. OFP was founded in 2002 as a means for Mr. Neblett, friends, and clients to invest in early stage companies in the Southeastern region of the United States and to invest in certain types of real estate, mostly in North Carolina. The business activities of OFP are very closely allied with relationships established by Mr. Neblett over nearly four decades of his business career with several New York Stock Exchange Member Firms, clients of those firms, close friends, and investors who agree, in principal, to look at the deal flow of OFP.  OFP does not actively pursue more than three transactions at any one time.  Over a period of years, and as OFP began to see more “investment opportunities”, OFP has contracted with third party companies whose investment interests overlap the personal investment interests of Mort Neblett. The first client of OFP was a large private family office whose investment portfolios were across a broad spectrum of alternative asset classes. The client was seeking to identify high net worth individuals, of like mind, with an interest in strategic investments across many disciplines, including hedge funds, real estate, venture capital, distressed debt, etc. Mr. Neblett and OFP were successful in introducing high net worth individuals to his client. These individuals, in time, joined a variety of partnerships managed by the private family office.  During this employment of OFP,  Mr. Neblett made a decision to make personal investments with his client in each of the above mentioned asset classes.  Some of those investments are still active and ongoing, including real estate and mezzaine capital. In time, OFP was contracted to provide services to a variety of other companies, mostly private, including a large family corporation in Buenos Aires, Argentina, an asset management firm in London, England, and a North Carolina based pharmaceutical service company. Today, OFP primarily focuses on providing financial services and capital to early stage businesses. OFP, also focuses on providing capital to real estate projects (including land purchases and land development).  Both parts of OFP operate under contractual relationships with third party developers, builders, and early stage or seed stage companies.  Property activities are mostly confined to land and development opportunities in Southeastern North Carolina. The network of OFP relationships is across a number of long term business and financial relationships, and go back to clients and friends of Mort Neblett from the late nineteen seventies.  
OFP Financial Partners, LLC